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Current MobilityX Events
MobilityX Summer Pitch Competition – Find out about our latest pitch competition and the teams that presented to our panel of Daimler judges, (link)

Upcoming MobilityX Events
September 13 – Monthly Ethereum meetup at Buzzmill in Austin, TX (link)

October 9-14 – Austin Startup Week returns with lots of great programming, including mobility  seminars and the Startup Crawl (link)

What we’re recommending
NEWS: Apple has ‘finally’ added support for NFC tags in iOS 11. Android has supported this for years, but Apple has kept their NFC technology locked-up. This will open many doors for programmers – pun intended. (link)

NEWS: Bike-sharing has become a formidable competitor to Ride-sharing in China (link)

NEWS: AR is helping travelers navigate one of the world’s largest airports (link)

VIDEO: Blockchain primer – pulling from the archives a bit, but as Blockchain is becoming ever-more relevant we thought it would be a good idea to look back a little. (link)

BRAIN BREAK: Google’s image reader API is a fun way to get distracted – try dropping your own photo in and see what it has to say. (link)