Summer Pitch Competition

The AppVuze team took home first place and $10,000 to continue developing their platform. (From left to right, Sean Duffy, Maksim Orlovich, Kristyl Gomes and Abba Binns.)

This past July was a very busy month for the MobilityX team. After more than 40 applicants and 3 rounds of pitching, the MobilityX team welcomed our Daimler colleagues from Germany, Portland and California to help us select the winning teams of our first competition, focusing on the challenge of using VR/AR or AI to improve interaction with our Mobility Services customers through support, entertainment or automated-assist. Ultimately, the winning teams were awarded a total of $17,500 in prize money to help them continue to build their companies.

The companies who pitched represented a spectrum of tech solutions ranging from augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 video and artificial intelligence. They focused on ways in which these technologies could help support the mobility services solutions that Daimler provides. Specifically, these teams shared how their solutions could help with customer support and customer engagement on platforms like Car2Go, Moovel and other mobility services within the Daimler ecosystem.

The judges were extremely impressed with all of the companies who presented, but eventually, they were able to narrow down the winning teams to just three. The third place team, winning $2,500, is a startup out of Houston called Croozen. Croozen’s solution is essentially an AirBnB for road trips. The team allows individual car owners to rent out seats in their cars during long road trips. Their initial push to build partnerships and gain traction involves working with universities to help fans carpool to sporting events.

The second place team is an AI solution called Blink.AI. Blink proposed a really simple but elegant solution for Car2Go customer support. The in-app messaging platform aims to allow automated responses to help customers with any needs they have inside and outside of the car. Users will be able to ask questions and have an AI assistant help them before needing to place a call to the customer support hotline.

Finally, the first place prize in our July Pitch Competition was awarded to AppVuze. Appvuze will help support teams efficiently resolve mobile user issues via in-app messaging, VoIP and screensharing. This solution could potentially be utilized by any of the mobile services platforms that Daimler uses. The AppVuze team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in mobile support services and are eager to find way to plug into the Daimler ecosystem.

The Daimler teams who visited are currently working internally to find opportunities to connect not only the winning teams, but also the other 5 companies who pitched in the final round. If you would like to learn more about all of the teams who competed, check out the links and descriptions in the chart below. Stay tuned for more updates as we know that great things will follow from this, and future competitions hosted by MobilityX!

Below is an overview of each of the finalist companies who presented during the summer pitch competition:

Cerebri AI

AI company that incorporates data science into decision making processes without disrupting current systems, workflows or security protocols. Essentially, 1:1 targeted marketing.


Primarily an education-focused company, currently developing a conversational UI chatbot with calendar integration. Concept involves “proactive ride-sharing” suggestions based on contextual awareness.

Chocolate Milk and Donuts

Immersive media consulting firm who have developed VR content, AR solutions and 360 video for a variety of companies, large and small. Their proposed solution involves AR for car2go.


Immersive media company that provides data analytics and analysis in a tiered format. Their proposed solution is one of the most developed of the bunch, and involves damage reporting through AR for Car2Go.


Helps the enterprise IT help desks and support teams efficiently resolve mobile user’s issues via in-app messaging, VoIP & screensharing. Proposed solution will focus on Car2Go and customer satisfaction and support.

Blink AI

AI concierge company that helps quantify data based on context.


Croozen is a road trip company that connects drivers and riders traveling to cities and events while making the trip experience affordable and enjoyable.


GoMeta is a “metaverse” platform that allows users to create layers that integrate into an immersive map layout. Essentially, expanding on the AR tech spun up by Pokemon Go.